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dd beauty and value to your business or home by keeping your grounds watered, lush and healthy. Homeowners, property managers and landscape designers in the Vancouver area have depended on Permanent Irrigation Systems since 1995 for dependable, efficient and effortless underground sprinkler and irrigation systems.

If your watering system needs add-ons, servicing or repair, call Permanent Irrigation Systems. Want eye-catching landscape lighting? Our expert installers will illuminate your yard and gardens with seamless results.

Our clients recommend us because we are one of the best irrigation companies in the Metro Vancouver area. Find out what we can do for you!


Our parent company, Supreme Sprinklers Inc., was established in 1995 and purchased Permanent Irrigation Systems afterward to become one of the best irrigation companies in Vancouver by focusing on quality and service.

Our Clients

In addition to serving local home owners, Permanent Irrigation Systems installs irrigation and lighting for many professionals in all types of areas: townhouse communities, playing fields, cemeteries, new construction contractors, property management companies and landscape designers.

See our most notable projects:
  • Vancouver Island Highway Project at Ladysmith
  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Burnaby

Reliable Professionals

Our reliable technicians are trained experts in irrigation installation and landscape lighting, and we provide references at your request. A live person will take your call because our full-time office staff answers our phones all day.

Certified and Covered

Permanent Irrigation Systems is a member of the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia (IABC) and the Better Business Bureau, and we are certified backflow testers. We are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) and carry $2,000,000 of liability insurance.


Permanent Irrigation Systems will keep you involved in your project from the free estimate to the final instructions for our fully automated timers. We guarantee your satisfaction with all of our services:

Commercial Installation

Irrigation Systems

Underground Sprinkler Systems

Winterizing & Spring Start-Up

Certified Backflow Testing

Landscape Lighting



You want to maintain your investment, and Permanent Irrigation Systems wants to ensure your satisfaction. Our professional and trained team will fully service your system, and we guarantee parts and labor on new irrigation systems for one full year.

Underground sprinklers and irrigation systems can be damaged by freezing weather, so we will winterize your system and restart it in spring.


Permanent Irrigation Systems can add on to or repair your existing sprinkler or irrigation system for a reasonable price, even if you did not purchase it from us. We can work with any system on the market, and our estimates are always free.


We're certified backflow testers; we can diagnose any problems you have with your system.


Permanent Irrigation Systems uses only quality materials and equipment from Rain Bird with a one-year guarantee, parts and labor included. We are committed to your full satisfaction with any system we install.

Residential Sprinklers

Permanent Irrigation Systems specializes in residential underground sprinklers for gardens and lawns. You can save water, money and time while you upgrade your home’s value and curb appeal.

We will give you a free estimate on site to design the best system for your needs at the best price. We will fully instruct you how to time and adjust your sprinklers for savings and efficiency while nurturing your grass, garden, trees and flowers.

Permanent Irrigation Systems installs only quality commercial-grade sprinklers from Rain Bird, unless otherwise requested. You will find your system easy to maintain and use, and we provide winterization and spring start-up.

Commercial Systems

Permanent Irrigation Systems provides efficient watering and easily maintained irrigation for large commercial and public areas. We service new construction, businesses, parks, cemeteries and many others. Our equipment and techniques will avoid disturbing your property’s existing features.

You can expect the best from Permanent Irrigation Systems:

  • Spray bodies that are easy to maintain and keep constant pressure.
  • Pump stations built to individual specifications for top efficiency.
  • Nozzles and rotors with optimal coverage without water waste.
  • Valves that are reliable and resist chlorine and chemical damage.
  • Central controls that adjust water output for weather conditions for lower costs and healthier plants and grass.

Your system will include:

  • Nozzles and rotors that won’t waste water.
  • Spray heads that disappear underground when not in use.
  • Valves that are reliable and not prone to clogs.
  • Rain sensors that automatically adjust to weather conditions.
  • A timer and control panel you can set and forget.


Permanent Irrigation Systems’ equipment and professional technicians will give you efficient and worry-free landscape lighting with great curb appeal.

Add beauty and safety along your walkways, deck, patio and steps with concealed wiring and programmable timers. When our expert staff is done, you will only see the attractive results.

Choose from many lights and effects, such as:

  • Uplighting to highlight your landscape’s features.
  • Diffused lighting for soft light in circular patterns.
  • Shadow lighting to create dramatic effects.
  • Wash lighting to illuminate flat surfaces and walls.
  • Grazing to bring out textures and distinctive surfaces.
  • Spotlighting for focal points in your garden or yard.


Permanent Irrigation Systems promises you great service, because we have the best equipment for your job and expert workers to operate it. We have dedicated service trucks so you will receive prompt repair and maintenance service.

Our “mole” machine can tunnel under concrete driveways, roads, sidewalks and walkways to avoid damage, and our vibratory plow will minimize damage to your turf. After we install your underground systems, you won’t know we have been on your property except for its blooming beauty!

We own all of our equipment:

  • Trenchers
  • Diggers
  • Vibratory Plows
  • Mini Backhoe
  • "Mole" Machines
  • Compressor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much water will my sprinkler system use?

An automatic sprinkler or irrigation system should save you water because of its control panel and sensor system. The system will know to turn off when it is raining and turn on as scheduled for your particular landscape’s needs. We customize your system and control panel for your soil conditions and plantings. Unlike watering with a hose, you will not waste money on runoff or overwatering.

Would I be better off watering various areas of my property myself?

No. The irrigation and sprinkler systems are much more efficient than watering by hand. You will save water, time and money using our automatic sensors and timers. We will program your system for the different watering needs of your garden, lawn and flower beds.

How do I know what kind of system I will need?

Permanent Irrigation Systems gives free estimates and assesses your needs according to your commercial or residential uses. We evaluate your property’s soil type, plants and grasses, and size and areas. Your system choice will also take into account your average rainfall amount and frequency. We work with your ideas and budget to find a system customized to maximize your landscape’s health and your satisfaction.


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